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We do not even have to ask! Our customers who have been successfully using our method even voluntarily submitting their testimonies and success stories to us to show their gratitude. Please feel free to hear and read testimonials from our customers below. Hundreds even thousands more testimonials are on file! It will be a very long web page if all the testimonies that we have in files we display on this page.

Before I began the natural penis enlargement exercises I measured 7 Inches in erect length, and 5 inches in erect girth. While flaccid I measured 4.7 Inches long. I began doing the exercises, slightly skeptical I admit, and 3 weeks later I was very happy with my progress. I measured 7.85 inches erect length and 5.5 inches erect girth, and 5.5 inches flaccid length. I was actually quite shocked at the huge gains I'd had, and continued the exercises regularly, sticking to the workout schedule rigorously. After about 2 - 3 months I am 8.2 Inches in erect length and 5.9 Inches in erect girth. I am also 6.2 inches long while flaccid.

This has had a huge impact on my life, not only has my sex life improved greatly, I feel much more confident and proud. Natural Penis Enlargement works!

Jon, UK

Jon grew almost 1 inch in just 3 weeks. He is now 8.2 inches long and is still growing using the Truth About Penis method.

I just joined a couple days ago. So far, I have enjoyed a harder more "full" penis. Thanks. Although, I have a question: I was circumcised as a child, and I have a rather "tight" circumcision... [Email continues]

Paul G, Maryland

Thanks for your great product!!! I have gained almost 1.5 inches so far and will measure up again after completing the 62 day course. I sure have never got anything this good for a very cheap price!!! I will buy your other products too since they seem to work. PS: You need to set your prices higher :)

Brandon, Toronto

I have gained 1/2 inch in length and 1/4 inch in girth. Most of this growth was realized after two weeks of exercise!

Alex, Sao Paolo

I came into this thing thinking that claims of 1 - 3 inches in 3 months would be hard to come by, but I did think that this would work, but it will take more time than that. I have already seen gains for myself, without being TRUELY dedicated to my workouts, but since I am seeing the gains. I am making it a point to stick to it now. My erections do feel stronger and heavier.

Fernando, Madrid

PS: I notice to you that only one week workout makes change in my stamina. Very good. Thank you so much!

Arnaldo, Valencia

Gun, I KNOW this system works. I've made it work once and now I'm making it work again. And I'll be glad to help you with it. I did six weeks a few years ago and went from 5.75 to 6.5 and added girth. I'm really glad we met. We'll be good for each other. I too have been looking for a jelq buddy.

It keeps us clear and motivated and fun. I'm working toward and nice thick 9 incher. I see those at the nude beach down here (Ft. Lauderdale) and I KNOW the girls love that look. And I also started liking my penis more. I stopped resenting that it wasn't as big as I wanted it to be. That helped too.

Steve, Ft. Lauderdale

Gun, what do you call "significant".

Ive put on 1 1/4 in length and about 1/4 in girth in a little over a month. Would you call that significant? Im certainly happy.

Aaron, Singapore

I've just recorded my first 'significant' growth, 1/4 of an inch after 2 1/2 weeks of PEing. Might not sound like much but I've 'never' been over 6 and a half. Last while PEing I got a hard-on and my cock measured in at 6 3/4. I couldn't believe it! This stuff really works. I'm not going to measure for another 4 weeks and hope to make 7" by the end of the year.

Ric, New Zealand

I started with a VERY VERY small penis. It was just 5.1 inches ERECT! My lady friend stuck by me but I have always known she has wanted more. To make her happy Gun, I started TAP. I just want to thank you personally for helping me with get my exercises right and your dedication. I'm glad you are my mentor. I can happily say that after last nights measuring I am now 1.6 inches longer and 1 inch thicker since starting back in Jan. Thank you so much Gun, I'm going to keep working at it till I'm huge!!!

Don, Milan

Hi there bro, well, know what? I did try your advices on warming-up and the 1st PE exercise, and now I'm beginning to see some differences. But I'm still looking forward for your other PE exercises more, and hope soon. Thanks and good luck!

Samrath, India

I really love to see it grow...

Akira, Tokyo

It worked. Thank you very much!

Ji Gong, Seoul

In three weeks, I have gained 1 inch in girth and 1 inch in length. It is really looking good (and much heavier) I am taking the pills too [These pills are not part of the Truth About Penis method - this client has decided to take some pills to supplement his workout - TAP Support], and very faithful to the exercises. I'm 61 years old, and boy does this make me feel young.

I started at 7 inches, and 4 inches in girth. I am now starting to pass the 8" length and 5" girth marks. I am going for 9.5 - 10 inches in length and 6 - 6.5 in girth. I know I'll make it. It makes a man my age feel really good to see his penis become heavier, thicker, and longer. I'll be able to pick my women (any age) once I achieve my goal and the word spreads about my size.

I have already had compliments from a few. They loved giving me oral, and want more. I'm at the 30 second hold on my PC muscle also!

Thanks much for this program.

Lionel, California

Hi Gun how goes things Jason here just wanted to write an email to you and to the people that are considering in trying out your proven techniques well if you are thinking of doing it I would strongly recommend it WOW !!!!!!!! I have been doing the program for about 2 and a half months 5 days a week and me and my wife have seen some dramatic improvements in my penis before I started I was measuring in at about 7.2 inches which was fine but I just didn't feel comfortable with it after the program I measure in at 8.6 inches and I can have sex for a lot longer now as well my wife even orgasms twice before me that is phenomenal thank you there is a god write soon.

Jason, New York

I have been a client of yours for nearly 2 months now and I am very happy with my progress. Thanks for this awesome guide.

Owen, London

I've been trying this for 3 weeks now and all that has happened is that my penis has grown 1 inch. I can not believe this thing really works! Thanks!

Wesley, Manchester

On Saturday, October 12, I'll finish my first six weeks of your exercise. My penis is getting better. I'm sixty-seven years old and as I begin the more advanced phases, my priority is stronger, harder and more lasting erections. My intention is to begin a customized program emphasizing the supplemental exercises for better erections. Later on I expect to continue with emphasis on the "longer and thicker" exercises.

Kirk, Poland

I began with a 5.75" erection and rather thin, but always nice and hard. I now am 7" and 4" circumference just below the head, 4.5" at the base...

Rodrigo, Portugal

Wow... It is right around 5" in girth now, which is an improvement from two weeks ago. I'm still waiting for the night when my cock starts hurting and then instantly grows to 14 inches. Until then, I'll just have to keep telling J-lo that I'm not ready for her yet.

Luke, South Africa




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