Will your 'natural penis enlargement' method work for me?

Our method works for over 90% of men!

The only people that shouldn't use this manual are those who are not in full health such as those with advanced diabetes, or men with Peyronies disease (severe curvature of the penis - we can help with cosmetic slight curves of the penis but not with severe bends).

How old do I have to be? Am I too young or too old?

You have to be 18 or over. There is no upper age limit. We have many clients in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond! If you are in good health, you can enhance your sexual health, control your ejaculation and get much bigger, better and stronger penis - more consistently - with our techniques.

Is it safe?

There are no known dangers to the exercises contained within this manual. We tell you how to do each and every exercise completely and safely, and if followed you will have no problems whatsoever. We have had no complaints of this kind! Doctors have been known to recommend many of these techniques! Some of them can help to save your life and improve your health immensely!

How long will it be till I see results?

Every man is different, many men start to see results after their first session and others take a little longer. The average is two weeks. We give you an 8-week money-back guarantee as we are that confident that anybody and everybody who uses our manual will gain.

What results can I expect?

You will achieve larger and stronger penis. Both the length and girth of your penis will be increased. Some men report that their flaccid penis (soft) will be bigger, hang lower and appear fuller, more of the time. We also have exercises to increase the size of certain areas of your penis such as your penis head size when erect. The knowledge you gain will mean that you can make sure improvements will be permanent.

Your erections will last longer and you will be able to control your "time to ejaculation" much better. You will be able to have sex for longer, stay hard for longer and please your partner more. We can also help to straighten any cosmetic curves in your penis. Increase your sex drive and stamina. Your confidence will improve along with your self esteem. Plus many other benefits mentioned elsewhere on the site.

Are the workouts hard to do?

Our workouts are extremely easy to do, anyone with two hands can do these exercises. Each exercise has detailed and easy to follow explanations. Also, we have just added NEW exclusive video clips of the main exercises making learning even easier!

Will I have to purchase anything else, or will I be charged more than once?

We will never make you purchase anything extra and your payment is a one-time only payment. You will not be charged again. The price you see is the price you pay. Everything you need is included in our manual.

Is there a guarantee?

YES, we stand behind our product 100%. We want you to be extremely happy with your purchase! That is why we offer an 8-week money-back guarantee!

Truth About Penis will work for you!

Try The Truth About Penis Method now and if you aren't happy with the results and gains you make, we will gladly refund every last penny of your money - No questions asked!

Are my details kept safe and will anyone know I am working out my penis?

The card details are taken securely and safely by one of the largest third-party credit card processing companies on the Internet, PayPal. They are extremely trusted and deal with millions of dollars worth or transactions every year. You will never be sent anything through the post and your card will be billed as PAYPAL, so nobody will know your secret unless you wish to tell them.

Will anything be delivered to my house?

No. Your privacy is important to us. We will never send anything to your home and we will never call you. Our product is distributed online and your purchase is made through secure servers.

I don't live in the USA can I still get access to the guide?

Yes, we have lots of clients who live all over the world. Everywhere from the UK and Australia, to Korea and Uruguay. We charge in US dollars as the majority of our customers are from the USA. But if you live in the UK or anywhere else for that matter, it isn't a problem. If you have one of PayPal accepted cards (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Novus, Amex, Bravo, Eurocard, MCdebit, etc) then the card company will simply convert your currency into US dollars at today's exchange rate. Easy, simple and safe!

How long does it take between ordering and getting access to your guide?

This is another beauty of the way our guide is made. As soon as your card has been authorized you will receive instant access - no waiting for anything! You can start working on your penis today!


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